September 6, 2022

Next.js Module Federation and Module Federation SSR plugins are being open-sourced

Zackary Chapple

Zackary Chapple

Chief Revenue Officer

Seattle, Wa., Sep 6, 2022, Zackary Jackson, co-creator of Webpack Module Federation, co-author of Practical Module Federation, and Webpack Core Team member and Principal Engineer at Lululemon, together with Valor Software as exclusive partners for Module Federation have open-sourced two plugins as one new Module Federation Package.

Next MF

Next.js Module Federation brought, for the first time, client-side rendering to federated modules on Next.js. This package was previously available for $40 (USD) on PrivJS with over 92k downloads.

Next.js Module Federation SSR brought server-side rendering, which is significantly more complex, in addition to client-side rendering of federated modules to Next.js. This package was previously available for $100 (USD) on PrivJS with over 2.5k downloads.

The organizations and individuals who purchased licenses for these packages helped further Zack’s efforts and proved that there is a tangible need for these packages in the community. Their financial support was essential to the incubation of both plugins. Now, with the support of Valor Software as the official partners for the Module Federation organization, Zack is now able to open source.

Under the recommendation and with the assistance of Dmitriy Shekhovtsov both packages have been moved to be co-located in a Nx workspace along with their sample applications. Additionally, they have been converted to TypeScript for ease of maintenance and open source contribution.

“The seed for this decision to open source these two plugins started pretty early in with my conversations with Valor Software, after a few months and additional talks with the leaders at organizations consuming the plugins I agreed that for the greater good of Module Federation, and the development community, the decision to open source is the right one. The main reason why these were closed source and commercial was out of necessity to fund the development of the ecosystem - as the ecosystem has grown and more corporate partners have adopted the technology, I am no longer dependent on the revenue to fund development.”

There are a very large number of organizations who have already pushed Module Federation to production or are in the process of adopting Module Federation. Organizations wishing to get assistance with their project can use the following calendly link to schedule a free intro call with Zack Jackson and Valor Software.

For organizations that are still wishing to financially support Module Federation we will be creating an Open Collective page. We appreciate any contributions as they will help us to accelerate the project as a whole.

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