As the development world is getting even more agile, organizations need to follow to keep pace with the users’ expectations and needs. Valor Software will help you satisfy your audience’s insatiable desire for the newest features and get a competitive advantage with digital transformation.




Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

Integrate the efforts of the dev and operations departments into one cohesive environment for much more regular and quality releases.

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Cloud Adoption

Valor’s engineers have vast experience working with the cloud and integrating cloud services. Let us increase the reliability of your product and give it endless perspectives to scale.

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Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)

We will help your organization to migrate and recover applications seamlessly. With the incorporation of IaC, you can spin up the authoritative version of the solution in no time as all the infrastructure assets are stored in one doc.

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Microservices Architecture

As you break the monolith into services, you reduce the number of code dependencies and give more freedom to the team. Now they can tackle each service pointwise and deliver updates faster with no threat to system integrity.

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Monitoring & Security

Alongside the automation of test and deployment, we boost the security and reliability of your service with the DevOps means for ongoing fraud and failure detection.

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