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Thought Leaders in Front End Digital Transformation

Valor Software is more than just a software development company. We’re a team of people driven by innovation who pull off the impossible with the blend of the brightest technological minds and edge technologies.

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To nurture professional growth

  • Culture of self-development
  • Time for skill-up as part of the schedule
  • Internal and external knowledge-sharing
  • Contribution to open-source
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To make outsourcing more human

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To make the most complex ideas live


Depending on business maturity, we try to anticipate and cover the most common challenges companies face.

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We’ll transform your idea into a brand and a product that will have its market niche, killing features, and loyal audience.

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Helping you switch from legacy systems, we’ll choose the optimal technology that will serve your business needs now and in the future.

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Small to medium

We make progress transparent and predictable, so you can forecast the result after every development stage and plan your budget for the next business turn.

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When strict timing and budget are as critical as the product quality, we’ll deliver the required scope within the given timeframe and make sure to address changes instantly.

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Open Source

Proudly contributing to open source

We try to maintain equilibrium between the value we take from open-source and what we give back. So we proudly sponsor promising technologies, contribute with our knowledge to make tools handier, and build open code solutions to ease engineers’ daily routines.


We built
ngx-bootstrap library

Bootstrap components powered by Angular

  • Flexibility
  • Tinker-friendly code
  • In-depth documentation
  • Lots of demo

We sponsor
NestJS framework

A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable, and scalable server-side applications

  • Modular architecture
  • Scalability
  • Compatibility with server-side apps
  • Ability to serve multiple endpoints

We contribute
to NativeScript

Empower JavaScript with native APIs. Liberate your development by using platform APIs directly without leaving your love for JavaScript aside.

  • Flexible
  • Regular updates
  • Compatible
  • Inspires animations
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We love Module Federation

We contribute to and heavily use this ground breaking method of sharing code between and within applications.

  • Better scalability
  • Independently-manageable apps
  • Reuse of apps, functions, components, or contents
  • No more divergent styles and duplicated components throughout parallel teams

Zackary Chapple
Principal Architect

From the start of our relationship with Valor software we saw a fundamental shift in our development practices. The attitude of fully integrating with the team and behaving as a co-owner of the platform was a refreshing departure from classical off shore. I highly recommend Valor to everyone I talk to.

Anna Rosling
Mother of Dollar Street

Thanks "Valor Software" for awesome work! I especially liked your openness and desire to share experience. The best of Valor, is that they never say "It'simpossible", they always find a good approaches to satisfy the customers.

Iraklis Alexopoulos
Tech Team Lead

I really enjoyed working with Dima! He's an excellent developer and he really helped us build our new product, using the latest technologies out there. Dima is very knowledgeable and passionate and he's also striving to be up to date with the latest developments in his field. He's a true JS ninja!

Ola Rosling
CEO of Gapminder

What we can tell you is that Valor Software is very, very knowledgeable and very helpful. We think what sticks out the most is their capacity to find solutions instead of just saying what cannot be done. They know how to develop any feature that we request, and they are very good at user experience. They also know how to communicate with non-tech people. I think that makes them quite special because any client can communicate with them.

Mike Errecart
The owner and CEO of TablesReady

I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the developers Valor is able to find. They write good code, communicate well in written English, and have been very easy to work with. And despite the war, there’s been absolutely no downtime or lost productivity, except for those first 2 days after the invasion. (Not that this was something I asked for – it wasn’t – but it’s just a testament to the team and culture.)

Steven Sharif
the Creative Director of Ashes of Creation

We’ve been working with Valor, and they have been doing some amazing stuff with the website. They have a great dedicated team of professionals who we have had an absolute pleasure working with to help support our platform needs. Those who might be in the enterprise business and need technical support and web development support, I would give a major shout-out to the Valor team. They’re doing a great job!

Suren Kocharian
Director of Production, Breethe

Since the very beginning of our SOW assignement, we were able to see and confirm that Valor company have the best and most well prepared team of developers Project managers and programmers by assisting in every single improvement we faced where new features, adjustments, and assistance became needed. All requests raised were promptly addressed and troubleshooted on a timely fashion as adding value to our platform. Also, Valor team always shared new ideas, new thoughts, suggestions to improve users acceptance as users smoothly navigation into our app. We were able to develop together a better user friendly environment bringing satisfaction not only to our company as a whole, but to our customers worldwide. New challenges are coming and I’m sure that working with Valor team was the best option this company decided to bet on it. Thanks Guys.

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