Quality Assurance

Valor provides an organized and comprehensive approach towards quality assurance because testing is not a project phase, it actually drives the development forward.


Test strategy, planning, & setup of QA process

The success of a quality assurance flow lies not in the number of experts involved but in the quality analysis of users’ pain points and the value you deliver to them. Starting from defining the bottlenecks of your product and the areas for improvement, we’ll create a custom testing strategy that aligns with the goals of your business.


Project quality risk analyses, acceptance criteria

Estimation of the testing effort

Test levels defined

Detailed plan for testing activities

QA automation

With automated testing being a driver for every new release, we improve the software quality, ensure the integrity of the critical business features, and speed up delivery. Valor can build a custom test automation pipeline that will involve performance and load testing to prepare your solution for heavy traffic and scaling according to your business needs.

Testing activity

E2E Testing


Feature integration


Performance testing under product-like circumstances

Cross-browser testing

API testing

Accessibility testing

Performance testing

Scalability testing

load testing

Manual testing

By testing, we explore new perspectives from which we look at the software and notice room for improvement. So, alongside automating, let’s say, static test cases, we leave the space for discovering not trivial users’ scenarios and spotting unexpected issues. With the combination of manual and automated testing, we help your product evolve in the user-facing direction.

Testing activity

Functional feature testing

API testing

Regression testing

Writing test documentation

Cross-browser testing

Testing of applications on physical devices

Mobile app testing

Mobile solutions are usually more complex to test because they have more users and need to run on various devices. With a blend of manual testing and automated scripts, we cover primary user flows, check cross-platform coverage, performance, APIs, and ensure a flawless experience for your users. Also, we provide you with means for monitoring the progress.

Testing activity

Writing test documentation

Usability testing

API testing

Cross-browser testing

Testing of applications on physical devices

Performance testing

Regression testing

CI/CD pipelines

We’ll empower your solution with a self-sufficient DevOps that accelerates the efforts of developers and quality engineers and allows continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of updates to production. Streamline the release cycle and ship awaited features regularly with testing built in the automation flow.

Testing activity

Continuous testing pipeline

More accurate tests

Automated orchestration & deployment

Better code quality

Shorter time to market


Valor’s Traits

The culture of quality icon

The culture of quality

When it comes to the development of a software product, the faster you get feedback from users, the better you can iterate and adjust with minimum loss. We strive to embed quality control in every stage of the development cycle and reduce the loop for getting users’ feedback. In this way, you deliver more regularly and cost-effectively to a more loyal audience.


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