April 1, 2022

Announcing strategic partnership with Zack Jackson, the Module Federation inventor

Olga Ievdokymenko

Olga Ievdokymenko

Marketing Content Manager

Valor Software Proudly Announces Partnership with Zack Jackson, the Inventor and Co-Creator of Module Federation (MF), Aiming to Make Code Sharing More Straightforward and Independent by Popularizing, Enhancing, and Simplifying Implementation of Module Federation for Various Technologies Including Angular.

Valor Software, software services and consulting company, creators of ngx-bootstrap led by Dmitry Shekhovtsov, GDE in Angular and web technologies, open-source evangelist, advanced Module Federation practitioner, and Zack Jackson, the Inventor and Co-Creator of Module Federation, maintainer and core contributor to webpack, and a Principal Engineer at Lululemon Athletica, are announcing the beginning of their partnership for the ongoing development, support, and implementation of Module Federation, a groundbreaking method of sharing code between and within applications.



Let’s take a closer look at the personalities of this cooperation, from not just a professional, but a personal angle. One of  Zack Jackson’s biggest goals, inspirations, and drivers for life is his willingness to improve the developer experience. Being a person who invented Module Federation he has indeed revolutionized the way of architecturing software. This methodology is now being adopted across the ecosystem by organizations such as SAP and Google. Zack lives by the challenge that “nothing is impossible”! He’s started living this challenge since his childhood in South Africa, where he managed to master programming despite the 2G capability networks and other limitations. This gave him great empathy for users with low/no connectivity and lower-powered devices.

Alongside a great passion for authoring code which he started at the age of 13. Zack finds joy and inspiration in active leisure, riding his snowmobile, and going camping. Between cats and dogs, he’s definitely a dog person and is the proud owner of a couple of French bulldogs.


Dmitriy Shekhovtsov describes himself as a JavaScript (NodeJS + Angular) addict and Software architecture maniac. Being a person of a rather critical and rebellious nature, when working as an architect at software development entities, he always noticed the procedural and communication flaws of most organizations. Feeling there was a way of building and running the company more efficiently, Dmitriy organized Valor Software. He’s managed to switch from the heartless format of IT manufacture to a living, vibrant, flat-structured environment for engineers to offer bold and nonstandard ideas to realize clients’ vision and goals most smartly.

Passionate about open-source, Dmitriy has built Valor Software utilizing open-source technologies and contributing back to the community with numerous open code libraries.

Dmitry is also a dog person, and not just a lover of his own pets, he sponsors and assists a local pet shelter, with dozens of cats and dogs that needed financial support and additionally gave a safe home to three cats who reside in our Kharkiv office. Between discussions and action, Dmitriy chooses action. Additionally, to unwind he goes to play computer games, MMORPGs are his favourite. Last but not least Dmitriy is a family guy and loves to spend time with his kids! :)

Why this partnership is important

In the fast-paced business environment, scalability is vital to succeeding as you can react to newly arisen market and user demands instantly. Businesses can reach better scalability by splitting huge monolithic products into smaller independently-manageable applications handled by isolated teams (free to take their own technical decisions and make separate deployments). And Module Federation, as the continuation of the scalability philosophy, allows to expose applications, particular functions, components, or contents and reuse them between other apps.

No matter how massive your system is, MF will eventually allow you to deploy changes to all the applications in one click without touching the codebase. “I want universally uncoordinated, uncontrolled orchestration of distributed code at runtime. That’s my ultimate goal!” – says Zack Jackson, describing the future he sees for Module Federation. Among the primary objectives for this cooperation is building the ecosystem for Module Federation and strengthening it as a backend technology.

For companies in time-pressured industries, moving from a monolith to the architecture of independent services powered by Module Federation would mean indisputable competitive advantage. And collaboration between Zack Jackson and Valor Software allows for joint effort in increasing MF availability for business.

In conclusion

Module Federation, a game-changer in JavaScript architecture, has boldly entered the market and been adopted by the ecosystems of giants like SAP and Google. Despite this fact, it’s still on the way to reaching the peak of success. We’re looking forward to the breakthroughs in deployments and sharing dependencies coming from the ambitious cooperation that made a reason for this publication!

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