We love Module Federation

We contribute to and heavily use this ground breaking methodology of sharing code between and within applications.

Intro to Module Federation

Module Federation, a groundbreaking technology, allows software to be built from independent, dynamic modules.

This paves the way for flexible, easily updated applications without disturbing the entire codebase. It's based on the microservices principle, where each unit can operate independently. At Valor Software, we're thrilled to contribute to this Webpack 5 feature, which we believe is transforming web development by enabling scalable, resilient, and adaptable applications. Our involvement in the Module Federation carries a dual benefit. It not only enables us to use our firsthand experience to help clients achieve their goals faster but also allows us to enhance the open web, creating a more efficient digital environment for everyone on the web.

Why Valor Software

We're delighted to continue our strategic partnership with Zack Jackson, the mastermind behind Webpack Module Federation, initiated in 2022. This partnership allows us to influence Module Federation's evolution, always with the broader community's objectives in mind.

Our expertise in implementing Module Federation is proven by our success with Fortune 25 companies and billion-dollar eCommerce businesses. Our CEO, Dmitriy Shekhovtsov, an avid Open Source supporter, pioneered the first Angular component library beyond Google (ngx-bootstrap) and was instrumental in integrating Webpack Module Federation with the Angular CLI.

As comprehensive solution providers in Module Federation, our services span software development, QA, DevOps, UX design, product ownership, and project management, all customized to support your Module Federation objectives.

Our global team, strengthened by our robust recruitment strategies in top tech markets, specializes in Module Federation, ensuring we're always ready to scale and adapt to your specific needs.

The Ripple Effect of Our Alliance

Revolutionizing SaaS

We've launched Medusa, the unique SaaS platform for federated applications.

Check it out now

Docs central

Our new documentation website, launching soon, will be your go-to for all info!

Visit the website

Resource hub

We've gathered examples, libraries, and codebases for easy access.

Future vision

We've planned the upcoming releases of Module Federation.


Our RFCs introduce universal support, surpassing "Webpack only" limitations.

Tech evolution

Our shift to TypeScript and Nx has boosted our coding efficiency.

Quality commitment

We've integrated automation tests in Module Federation and repositories like Snowflake.

Team power

Module Federation is now a team effort, enhancing its potential.

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