Medusa – the Only Commercial Available SaaS Platform for Federated Applications

Providing previously impossible visibility and control over federated applications, Medusa is a critical tool for any team working with Federated Micro Frontends.

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Seattle, Wa., Aug 22, 2022, Zackary Jackson, co-creator of Webpack Module Federation, co-author of Practical Module Federation, and Webpack Core Team member and Principal Engineer at Lululemon, together with Valor Software as exclusive partners for Module Federation support have launched their first collaborative SaaS offering, Medusa.

Medusa creates an environment where software developers finally have visibility into their module federation-powered and distributed micro frontends. Additionally, Medusa will provide, for the first time, the ability to control federated applications, at runtime, with unparalleled ease.

“We believe that software engineering teams should be able to work with visibility, autonomy, confidence, and independence without sacrificing the stability and quality of their product. We believe software releases should be safe, fast, and immutable” – Zack Jackson

In an increasingly distributed world, software development and business teams are looking to be able to ship more value to their customers, more often and with more reliability. Medusa provides those teams the ability to deploy in both an evergreen mode, while also having the ability to set specific versions of remote modules for reliability. This flexibility allows teams to move fast and be able to nearly instantly upgrade or roll back their platforms without having to redeploy.

Understanding what team is pulling in a dependency in a distributed environment or which version of a remote module a team is pulling in also becomes problematic as applications grow. With the dependency graphs inside of Medusa, teams are easily able to find potential problems and make adjustments for version compatibility.

About Valor Software:

Founded in 2013 by Dmitriy Shekhovtsov (Dima) as a MEAN stack software development firm, Valor has evolved into a globally renowned software development and consulting firm with over 130 individuals working on Full Stack development with a primary focus on all things TypeScript from 5 continents.

With experience in startups, Fortune 25 organizations, and Global NGOs, and Dima who together with Manfred Steyer brought Module Federation support into the Angular CLI leading to its popularity in the Angular community, Valor is uniquely positioned to create the Medusa SaaS platform from both a technology perspective but also a product positioning perspective.

Media Contact:

Medusa team [email protected]

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