Hacktoberfest 2019 is coming, and ngx-bootstrap strives for your attention!

September 30, 2019
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The latitudes and longitudes won’t get on our way — open source is boundless and big-hearted. Thanks to Hacktoberfest, we can unite, buddy up, and even get treated for loving open source. 

We at Valor Software are proud to be a part of the Angular community, and bring up ngx-bootstrap for Hacktoberfest’s challenges.

How can I participate?

Contributing to open source...Sounds pretty cozy to me.

You don’t need to be a super experienced developer to take part in Hacktoberfest. You use open source for sure (that’s why you’re here, actually). Why not try improving it yourself then? Every contribution makes the open source and yourself better. 

Are there any rules on pull requests?

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but fixing minor typos in documentation is not the intent. Your change must be reasonable. Even if your pull request isn’t accepted at the end, your time and help will be appreciated.

So, Hacktoberfest swag — what are the gifts?

We’ve prepared some nice staff for you:

  • For one pull request, you get a pen and a sticker.
  • For three — a notepad or a wooden phone stand.
  • For five — a full kit is yours! A pen, a sticker. a notepad, and a wooden phone stand.

If you live in Kharkov, you’ll get some sweets too ;)

Happy Hacktoberfest-ing!

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