About valor software


Benefits for Customer

Our highest priority is to meet client expectations with top technical expertise that consistently delivers innovative, high quality technology solutions.

Our business relationships are based on trust, deep commitment to the highest quality of service, technical excellence, talented engineers and a culture of innovation.


Benefits for Developers

As a full-lifecycle software development company, we offer the opportunity to work on interesting projects, using the latest technologies with other talented engineers. We offer competitive salaries and customized professional development that allows you to be a valued professional in software development industry.



We started in 2013. At the moment we are the team of 25 talented professionals, and we continue to grow. We are a technology maniacs and always work with proven cutting edge technologies. We don’t stop learning: we stay abreast of disruptive technologies that enable the next generation of amazing software and experiences.


Mission & Values

We treat people with respect and as we would want to be treated.

We believe that people that care, trust and understand each other can accomplish more.

We believe software products must have great design and cutting-edge technology execution.

We collaborate with you to solve your business challenges.We build cross functional teams, working closely with you to meet your needs from beginning to end.

User expirience design

We are not only designing for good looking website, but for a website design that can be easily understood and navigated by the user in a comfortable, a design that makes the user feels delightful.


We design your website to support cross-browsers and fit any technology.

They won’t leave

Good content is not enough, but the good organisation of that content that tracks the eye flow of your users.

Crystal Clear

Let your users enjoy an interesting website navigation experience, with an easy access to any page.

Its all about humans

UX! How much the user is satisfied, from the ease-of-use, comfort of your website, till reaching his goals easily.


Custom web development

Do you have a business but the website is missing? You are always welcome to create one with us! Let us make a unique, tasty feature that will become the face of your business and the heart of your company!

Genuine Code

We ensures the standardization your code, by its compatibility with the global organization W3C standards.

Enjoy Compatibility

Whatever the browser you are working on, your website will work on it also without any crashes.

Yes, the code is also trendy

We always tend to learn new technologies day by day, to ensure you a strong web product.


The Valor-Software provides full-scale mobile development services for the iOS and Android platforms, including mobile device testing. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly, stylish, and useful applications for your business.

You don’t have to think

A mobile application design that is easy to be understood, you can just use it subconsciously without thinking.

Ready for the future

Trends always control, we always keep up to date to all the new raised trends to guarantee your application success.

All you need is your fingertips

Easy to use and navigate between your application forms, and access all what you need by your fingertips.


Migration to node.js

We are the experts in Node.JS technology. Build your own custom website with a strong, proven cutting-edge technology techniques.

Build your own website

We can improve your custom website look-n-feel by using latest proven technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SVG, Angular, Node.JS, MongoDB, Redis, etc..

Don’t Limit Your Aspirations

Management, Accounting, CMS or whatever your business needs, you can have it.

Less Is More

We are keen on building high performance code through shortcut code lines, SaaS techniques and more.

Modern tools

We apply proven cutting-edge technology know-how to everything we do.

Our team

To view detailed information about all Valor Software team please follow this link

Dmitriy Shekhovtsov

Vyacheslav Chub

Oleksandr Telnov

Nataliya Soloviova

Andrii Glukhi

Mikhail Voloshin

Yurii Betrozov



Interested in joining us?

Like to be involved in different projects within your favorite technology? We are glad to offer you employment opportunities you need.

We believe that YOU ARE TALENTED!!!