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We provide enterprise-level of service, covering all areas of software development: iOS, Android, Web as well as offering professional UX/UI design expertise.

User experience design

It's not just enough to develop websites that only look good, but it's essential to make them human-friendly, make them work on all browsers, make them accessibility-friendly and viewable on tablets and mobile devices of all sorts. That 's what we do!


We make responsive, cross-browser, and technically advanced websites.

Users won't leave

Engaging content is not enough, but the convenient organization and caring about the reader will do the magic.

Make it easy

Let your users enjoy an intuitive website navigation experience, with easy access to any page.

Human-centered design

We're all about UX! We know the fastest and most intuitive way of giving a user the answer he is looking for.

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Custom web development

Whatever your business is, Valor Software can create a stunning and intuitive website that will impress your customers and attract new ones. Moreover, your site will be created using best practices for search engines.

Following standards

We ensure that each line of code is working by W3C standards.

Constant compatibility

In any browser, everyone will have the same experience. We're always up to date with cross-browser testing.

Yes, the code is also trendy

We always tend to learn new technologies day by day to ensure that your product is the most advanced out there.

SEO & statistics

Enhancing and improving website search engine discoverability along with deep Google Analytics integration.

Mobile applications

Valor Software offers full-scale mobile development services for iOS and Android platforms, including testing. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly, stylish, and useful applications for your business and your clients.


We do in-depth market research to survey competitors, looking for similar apps available, and making a better one.


To align UX guidelines with your project, we develop a proof of concept, an interactive visualization of the app.


To develop modern mobile applications for our clients, we continually learn new technologies and techniques.


Focus on delivering quality apps to every one of our clients is in our DNA.

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Migration to Node.js

You have a working product, but it has overgrown its technologies? Node.js fits the needs of a fast-changing Internet that is increasingly mobile. We have the best specialists that are here to help.


Node.js is fast. Node.js is asynchronous, which helps it be the most reliable technology for your application.


Node.js is designed for high-load projects, it can handle thousands of concurrent requests.

Staying up to date

We go hand in hand with technology, and by using Node.js we can do more for you!


We tend to build future-proof projects. With modularity, support, and maintenance of Node.js, it's a piece of cake!

How we do it?

Our highest priority is to meet client expectations with top technical expertise that consistently delivers innovative and high-quality technology solutions.

What people are saying

We care about our clients and our reputation, and we respectfully approach each and every project, regardless of its size and complexity.

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