Breethe: Sleep & Meditation

Breethe: Sleep & Meditation mobile application is the next generation meditation app that has the following features: sleep tracks, hypnotherapy sessions, masterclasses, music, nature sounds playlists, and much more.

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  • Angular 7.0 (NgRx)
  • NativeScript


Create a cross-platform app to replace the existing Android and iOS applications.


We used NativeScript as a solution that allows creating applications for both Android and iOS platforms with a single codebase. Angular 7 was chosen as a framework.
With this bundle, NativeScript is providing a mechanism to compile Angular application to native application for a mobile platform. NativeScript provides APIs' proxy to mobile native APIs, such as camera access, audio, and video playing access, storage, files, access to hardware buttons, etc.


Cross-platform and easily maintainable meditation app to replace the existing Android and iOS applications.

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